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  • Are You Active Enough?

    Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment shows if the physical activity that you engaged in was of sufficient intensity and duration to improve fitness and promote health.

    With the Health Promoting Physical Firstbeat exercise effect Activity report you will get a detailed analysis of the intensity of your physical activity session and the sufficiency of its duration.

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  • Positive & Productive Ways To Spend Your Lunch Break!

    Lunch breaks are the most important breaks of the day.

    Taking a decent lunch break leads to enhanced productivity; meaningful stress reduction and higher energy & concentration levels.

    Even though lunch breaks are required by law for most employees, there’s no law saying you have to spend them just eating!
    Check out this list of positive ways to spend your lunch break:

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  • Optimum Health - The Paleo Way!

    Paleo – to be or not to be?

    Following my recent Facebook post about the benefits of following a Paleo diet I shared how paleo can help with a myriad of diseases and conditions. Here is much more detail alongside an explanation of what paleo is, and how and why you should make it work for you.

    Paleo’ is short for Paleolithic — referring to the Paleolithic era of human history. The Paleo diet has gained huge popularity and momentum in the past few years, with the words ‘Paleo diet’ ranked up there on Google Trends as one of the hottest searches. This ‘Paleo’ approach to eating is also sometimes referred to in the media as: the primal diet, real-food diet, whole-food diet, caveman diet, and the grain-free, sugar-free and dairy-free diet as well as the Paleo diet!

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